How To Make Dried Garlic Powder

Time:2021-10-08 By:wendy

Garlic powder is a good-tasting and convenient seasoning. It can be used as a substitute for garlic and added to food to make the food more delicious. So some people are wondering, what is the difference between the fresh garlic vs garlic powder health benefits? How to make sun dried garlic powder? The following answers your doubts.


The difference between the fresh garlic vs garlic powder health benefits´╝Ü

Fresh garlic has many benefits. It can treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, reduce high blood pressure, have anti-cancer substances, and can warm the stomach and help digestion. Therefore, eating more garlic is beneficial to human health. However, due to the weather, garlic is scarce in winter and more expensive, so garlic powder substitutes should be used instead of fresh garlic. The health benefits of garlic powder are no less than that of fresh garlic. Garlic powder has broad-spectrum and highly effective anti-inflammatory and sterilization functions, actively regulates the immune system, and can prevent diseases, prevent wound infections, treat diseases and dewormers. It is a safe and efficient food preparation with excellent taste function. It has a strong anti-mildew and anti-oxidant effect, a protective agent for feed nutrients. Eating garlic powder is actually very simple, it is the daily seasoning, just add some appropriate amount.


Garlic powder substitutes are not only easier to preserve, but also have a lot of nutritional value. So how to make sun dried garlic powder? Garlic milling machine is used to make garlic powder, which can grind dried garlic simply and quickly. The production principle of the garlic mill is as follows:

The garlic powder machine consists of three parts: a frame, a crushing chamber, and a feeding hopper. The mechanical spindle is equipped with a movable gear plate and a movable knife. A fixed gear plate is installed in the crushing door. A fixed gear ring with steel teeth is installed on the fixed gear plate. The movable knife and the fixed gear ring on the movable gear plate are arranged alternately. When the mechanical spindle is running at a high level, the movable gear sleeve rotates relatively, and the garlic achieves the purpose of crushing under the combined effects of mutual impact, friction, shearing between the fixed teeth and the movable teeth, and the impact between the garlic. The crushed garlic can be directly discharged from the crushing cavity of the main machine, and the particle size can be obtained by changing screens with different apertures.


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