How To Cut Garlic Easily And Fast In Factory

Time:2021-10-08 By:wendy

Garlic is widely used in daily life, but it is generally used to slice or chop garlic when it is used as a seasoning. Why do you do this? What happens when you cut garlic? According to investigations, since garlic is exposed to the air after being sliced, it is easier to combine with oxygen in the air to produce allicin. Allicin has anti-cancer effects, but it needs to be placed in the air for 15 minutes before it is produced. So, in daily life, how do you cut a garlic cloves? Are you interested in how to cut garlic easily?


How to cut garlic easily?

The garlic cloves of garlic are relatively small and difficult to cut. It requires a lot of effort to stably cut the garlic, otherwise it will cause the garlic to slip off. In severe cases, you may accidentally injure yourself. How to cut garlic easily? The following steps can be referred to:

1. Cut off the bulbs of garlic

2. Cut the whole garlic ball with skin across from the middle.

3. Press hard on the cut garlic with a blade, then the garlic skin will fall off

4. Shake a few times to get peeled garlic cloves, and then cut them.


How to cut garlic easily and fast in factory? If the above methods are used in the factory will consume a lot of labor and time costs, then the garlic slicer can solve these problems. The garlic slicer is a kind of garlic that puts the peeled garlic into the machine, and the machine can quickly slice the garlic. Features of garlic slicer:

1. The garlic slicer machine is made of stainless steel, has a long service life, is easy to clean, and is not harmful to materials.

2. The cutting knife of this garlic cutting machine is sharp, the knife surface is balanced, the slicing is even, the structure is compact, and the operation is simple.

3. The garlic cutting machine consumes little energy, and household voltage can drive the machine to operate.

4. The garlic cutting machine is small in size, easy to move, suitable for various occasions, and can cut a variety of fruits and vegetables.

5. It is suitable for home and field operations. It can be applied to field farms, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, food processing plants, etc.

How to cut garlic easily use garlic cutting machine ?

The garlic slicing work uses the centrifugal principle for cutting. The garlic rotates on the turntable, and the cut material is thrown out along the window under the centrifugal action of the garlic slicer, and it can be sliced and shredded at the same time. The cutting speed is fast and the cutting ability is strong. There are three wire cutter groups in one machine.


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