Garlic Vacuum Packing Machine Increase Garlic Shelf Life

  • Capacity 90-360 Pcs/min
  • Voltage 380v/220v/50HZ/2.2KW
  • Size 1225*680*900mm
  • Function Packing peeled garlic in vaccum way
Garlic Machines Introduction

Introduction of garlic vacuum packaging machine:

The garlic vacuum packaging machine can automatically extract the air in the packaging bag and complete the sealing process after reaching a predetermined vacuum degree. The material of vacuum pack garlic can prevent oxidation, mildew, moth, dampness, quality and freshness, and extend the storage period of the product. Therefore, the garlic vacuum packaging machine is widely used in many fields and industries. Garlic vacuum packing machine is suitable for vacuum sealing and packaging of meat, sauce products, condiments, preserved fruits, grains, soy products, chemical products, medicinal materials and other granular and liquid products in the food industry. Garlic vacuum packing machine is an indispensable equipment for food processing and other industrial packaging.


Can you vacuum pack garlic? For labor, it is more difficult, so the garlic vacuum packaging machine can help you solve this difficulty. Garlic vacuum packing machine has the following characteristics:


1. The garlic vacuum packing machine is small in size, light in weight, easy to move, suitable for many occasions, suitable for use in homes, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, etc.

2. This garlic vacuum packing machine has a wide range of applications, suitable for food processing industry, chemical industry, etc.

3. This garlic vacuum packing machine has the advantages of low energy consumption and energy saving.

4. The whole process of the machine is automated, and only one person is required to operate it, saving labor costs.

5. This garlic vacuum packing machine is suitable for packaging a variety of composite bags.

6. It is suitable for small and medium production and can also be used with production line.

How do you increase the shelf life of peeled garlic?

To extend the shelf life of peeled garlic, use a garlic vacuum packaging machine, which can extract oxygen in the packaging bag and food cells, so that microorganisms can lose their living environment to prevent the garlic from oxidizing and becoming moldy and deteriorating, which makes the shelf life of vacuum pack garlic longer. .


Garlic Machines Features

1. This garlic vacuum packing machine uses imported raw materials and parts, with advanced technology, superior material and low failure rate.

2. This garlic vacuum packing machine adopts special electric heating arrangement, and the heat distribution is even.

3. Vacuum pack garlic machine can choose single-chamber or multi-chamber to change the packaging efficiency.

4. The garlic packing machine comes with a cooling system, so it has higher requirements for preservation.

5. The packing machine has beautiful structure, high efficiency, with seat wheels, and is more convenient to move.

6. The garlic packer machine can effectively eliminate the air in the packaging, and has reached the effect of extending the shelf life of garlic.

Garlic Machines Technical Parameter





Vacuum room’s size


Sealing Length




Vacuum pressure

Less than 1KPA

Packing capacity

90-360 Pcs/min


230 kg

Garlic Machines Application Scene
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