Air Compressor Power Dry Garlic Skin Cover Peeler Machine Garlic Skin Removing Machine

  • Capacity 100-150kg/h
  • Voltage 220v,50-60HZ
  • Size 690*720*1280mm
  • Function Peeling dried garlic skin automatic and continuous.
Garlic Machines Introduction

Garlic skin remover machine refers to a machine that replaces manual garlic peeling with a machine for peeling dry garlic.

Garlic skin remover machine product description:

Garlic cover remover machine is the equipment needed by the food processing industry as well as restaurants, schools, hotels and so on. It uses air compressed air flow to peel garlic, so it is also called air compressor power garlic peeler machine. Garlic skin removing machine is not only small in size and easy to move, but also has the advantages of low energy consumption and high efficiency. It only needs household voltage to drive the operation of the machine, and Dry garlic skin removing machine can also achieve no damage and pollution to the surface of the garlic.

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Working Principle of Garlic Cover Remover Machine:

The garlic cover remover machine uses electricity as the driving force to generate gas to blow air in the drum, put the dried garlic into the air de-machine hopper, the vertical shaft rotates with the rubber pad, and then close the inlet, so that the garlic is peeled in a closed environment. Under the action of the fan, blow the garlic skin to the outside, and the garlic will come out from the other outlet to complete the peeling.

Garlic Skin Remover Machine Precautions:

1. Make sure the garlic surface is dry, otherwise it will affect the peeling rate.

2. Garlic skin remover machine is best to clean up the roots of garlic when feeding, so as to avoid collisions between the roots of garlic and cause damage to the garlic.

3. Try to clean up impurities such as garlic skin and garlic stems, because they will affect the feed, and the feed will be reduced in disguise, which will cause the garlic to be blown out directly from the skin outlet.

Garlic Machines Features

1. The garlic skin removing machine is small in size and easy to move, suitable for many occasions. It can be used indoors, such as hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and other occasions, and it can also be used in fields.

2. The dry garlic skin removing machine is powered by electric energy and has the advantage of low energy consumption.

3. The garlic skin removing machine is relatively high, and the peeling rate of dry garlic can reach 98%.

4. The air compressor power garlic peeler machine is fully automated, which saves time and effort and reduces labor costs.

5. It is made of stainless steel, the mechanical quality is relatively high, lead-free, non-toxic, non-polluting and non-damaging to garlic.

6. The garlic cover remover mechanical surface is beautiful, clean, bright, durable, no scratches, never rust, easy to clean.

7. The garlic skin remover mechanical failure rate is relatively low and the service life is long.

8. If you encounter difficulties in the process of using the machine, you can contact the after-sales service, and there will be professional and technical personnel to guide you.

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