Electric Garlic Peeling Machine Cost Rate

  • Capacity 100-150kg/h
  • Voltage 220v,50-60HZ
  • Size 690*720*1280mm
  • Function Peeling garlic skin,suitable for small factory.
Garlic Machines Introduction

The small garlic peeler machine has the advantages of small size, convenient operation, high peeling rate and low price.

Product Introduction of Small Garlic Peeler Machine:

If you are concerned about the garlic peeling machine cost, then choose a small garlic peeler machine. A low price garlic peeling machine can replace the manual removal of garlic skin. You only need to divide the garlic by hand or a peeling machine to remove the stalks and put it into the air-separating hopper. If you choose dry garlic, the garlic peeling machine rate will be high. And it can adjust the air-off relay according to the size of garlic cloves, and control the length of time, which is an indispensable machine in the garlic processing process.

The electric garlic peeler machine can use household voltage to drive the operation of the machine. It is simple to operate and has a wide range of applications. It can be applied to garlic processing products, farms, restaurants, vegetable markets, etc.

garlic peeling machine cost

Working Principle of Electric Garlic Peeler Machine:

Electric garlic peeler machine uses electricity as the power to generate gas and blow air in the drum. Put the dried garlic into the air de-machine hopper, the vertical shaft rotates with the rubber pad, and then close the inlet to make the garlic peel in a closed environment . Under the action of the fan, blow the garlic skin to the outside, and the garlic will come out from the other outlet to complete the peeling.


Garlic Machines Features

1. Make sure that the surface of garlic is dry. If it is stored in a cold storage, it is recommended to dry it before peeling, otherwise it will affect the peeling rate.

2. It is best to clean up the roots of garlic when feeding, so as to avoid collisions between the roots of garlic and cause damage to the garlic.

3. Try to clean up impurities such as garlic skin and garlic stems, because they will affect the feeding, which will also lead to low output efficiency.

Garlic Machines Technical Parameter













Equipped with gas source


Garlic Machines Application Scene
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