Garlic Cutter Tool Garlic Ginger Cutting Machine Price

  • Capacity 500-800kg/h
  • Voltage 220V, 1HP
  • Size 650*550*880mm
  • Function quickly cut garlic and ginger into slice
Garlic Machines Introduction

Product Introduction of Garlic Cutter Tool:

The garlic cutter tool is a multifunctional vegetable cutting machine. Ginger garlic cutting machine can both slice and shred. Ginger garlic cutting machine can be adjusted according to your desired shape and thickness. The garlic cutter tool can process and cut a variety of materials, such as garlic, ginger, potatoes, carrots and other bulbous vegetables. Garlic cutter tool is suitable for small size, easy to move, suitable for applications in a variety of occasions and fields, and can be used in markets, restaurants, hotels, schools and other places. Garlic cutter price is the preferred equipment for the food processing industry.

 garlic cutter machine price

Features of Ginger Garlic Cutting Machine

1. The ginger garlic cutting machine is made of stainless steel, has a long service life, is easy to clean, and is not harmful to materials.

2. This garlic cutter tool adopts a combination of sharp cutting knives, with fast cutting speed and high cutting efficiency.

3. The garlic cutter tool is small in size, easy to move, suitable for various occasions, and can cut a variety of fruits and vegetables.

4. The ginger garlic cutting machine is easy to operate, easy to use and maintain.

5. This ginger garlic cutting machine can be adjusted according to the thickness of your slices.

How the Garlic Cutter Tool Works

The garlic cutter tool work uses the centrifugal principle for cutting. The ginger rotates on the turntable, and the cut material is thrown out along the window under the centrifugal action of the ginger shredder, which can be sliced and shredded at the same time. The cutting speed is fast and the cutting ability is strong. There are three wire cutter groups in one machine. Garlic cutter tool adopts imported blades and belts, and has a unique automatic lubrication device.


Garlic Machines Features

Advantages of garlic cutter tool

1. The garlic cutting machine can realize multiple functions in one machine, which can be both sliced and shredded.

2. The garlic cutter tool has a wide range of uses, such as cutting ginger, cutting ginger slices, cutting radish strips, cutting cucumber strips, cutting bamboo shoots, cutting bamboo shoots, cutting potato slices, cutting apple slices, etc.

3. The surface of the products cut by this garlic cutter tool is smooth, neat and easy to clean.

4. This garlic cutter price has sharp cutting blades, balanced blade surface, uniform cutting, compact structure and easy operation.

5. This garlic cutter price can be customized according to your production needs.

Garlic Machines Technical Parameter



Thickness of strip

1.5-5mm adjustable

Length of strip

longest of 20cm

Specification of slice





220V, 1HP



Garlic Machines Application Scene
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