Garlic Bulb Breaker Machine Supplier Price

  • Capacity Output ≥1 ton/hour
  • Voltage 220v-50HZ/60HZ
  • Size 60*120*125(cm)
  • Function Separate the whole dried garlic into cloves
Garlic Machines Introduction

Our garlic bulb breaking machine is developed and manufactured by professionals with years of superb technical experience. It is suitable for different types and sizes of garlic. The operation is very simple, and there is no damage to the garlic, and the broken rate is relatively high. And there is no need to have a lot of manual operation, only one person can operate the garlic bulb breaker machine.

 garlic bulb breaker machine cost

Advantages of garlic bulb breaking machine:

1. The garlic bulb breaker machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is strong and durable.

2. The garlic separator adopts digital automatic control, which saves time and effort.

3. All operations of the machine are in a clean, healthy, and non-polluting enclosed environment.

4. The garlic bulb breaking machine is small in size, easy to move, and easy to use and maintain.

5. This garlic bulb breaker machine can adjust the distance between the flat silica gel plate and the conical silica gel plate according to the size of the garlic head, so that the machine can achieve the best separation effect.

6. It can be customized freely according to your production needs.


The garlic bulb breaker machine video works as follows:


How to Break The Garlic Ball?

The working principle of the garlic bulb breaker machine is to use the gap between the upper and lower silica gel plates and the centrifugal force to squeeze the entire garlic head to disperse the cloves. The garlic stems and garlic heads are blown out of the clove breaking machine from one side by the built-in fan, and can also be recycled; The garlic cloves rolled out from the other side of the machine.

Garlic Machines Features

1. The garlic bulb breaking machine works stably, with large output and high production efficiency, which greatly saves time and cost.

2. The garlic bulb breaker machine is small in size and easy to operate without consuming a lot of labor.

3. The garlic bulb breaker machine has low energy consumption, is powered by electricity, and is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

4. Low crushing rate: less than 1%; high separation rate: greater than 95%.

5. The garlic bulb breaking machine has a built-in fan with stable structural performance.

Garlic Machines Technical Parameter




 Output ≥1 ton/hour

Product model name

Kneading type garlic splitting machine


304 stainless steel wire drawing

Input voltage


Total power

1800W (Motor 1.5KW, Fan 0.3KW)

Dimensions (cm) length*width*height


Export packaging size (cm) length*width*height



Garlic Machines Application Scene
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