Automatic Continuous Garlic Peeling Machine For Industrial Use

  • Capacity 500kg
  • Voltage 380v/50/60hz
  • Size 2570*850*1270mm
  • Function Used continuous to remove garlic skin
Garlic Machines Introduction

The automatic garlic peeling machine uses compressed air to separate the garlic skin, which is easy to use and pollution-free.

Product Introduction of Automatic Garlic Peeling Machine:

We are a garlic peeling machine manufacturer. Our g automatic garlic peeling machine is composed of four parts: the main engine, connecting pipe, storage tank and air compressor, and the work flow is fully automated. This machine is suitable for the peeling of dried garlic. The air compressed air flow is adopted to realize the peeling of garlic, which can ensure no damage and pollution to the peeled garlic. Industrial garlic peeling machine is an indispensable equipment in the garlic processing industry.


Working Principle of Automatic Garlic Peeling Machine:

The continuous garlic peeling machine allows garlic to enter the peeling bin through a chain drive. When passing through the peeling bin, the garlic peels are separated by air compressed air flow, and the peeling is uninterrupted while traveling. During the peeling process, the garlic is peeled without hardness and friction at all, ensuring the integrity, freshness and pollution-free of the processed product. At the same time, it saves electricity, energy, high yield and efficiency, and is easy to clean.

Precautions for Continuous Garlic Peeling Machine:

The industrial garlic peeling machine requires that the garlic surface should be kept dry, and the garlic taken out of the cold storage should be properly aired before peeling to remove the surface moisture to improve the peeling rate of garlic. It is best to clean up the roots of garlic when feeding, so as to prevent the garlic roots from colliding with each other and causing damage to the garlic. Try to clean up impurities such as garlic skin and garlic stems, because they will affect the feed, and the feed will be reduced in disguise, which will cause the garlic to be blown out directly from the skin outlet.

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Garlic Machines Features

1. The automatic garlic peeling machine is made of stainless steel, which is durable and has no scratches and never rusts. It is not afraid of garlic oil corrosion and has a long service life.

2. This industrial garlic peeling machine uses gas peeling to have no damage to the garlic surface, and the peeled garlic is good for storage.

3. The continuous garlic peeling machine makes the garlic peeling rate high, high yield and high efficiency.

4. The mechanical operation is in a closed environment, which can maintain the freshness of garlic without polluting the garlic.

5. The surface of the mechanical  material  is  smooth, easy to use and easy to clean.

6. The automatic garlic peeling machine uses electric energy as power, which will not cause pollution to the environment and keep the environment clean.

7. The industrial garlic peeling machine can freely adjust the running speed according to your needs.

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Equipped with gas source


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