Automatic Dry Garlic Peeling Machine Commercial Manufacturer

  • Capacity 500kg
  • Voltage 380v/50/60hz
  • Size 2570*850*1270mm
  • Function Remove dried garlic skin for small factory.
Garlic Machines Introduction

We are automatic dry garlic peeling machine commercial manufacturer. The automatic garlic peeler manufactured are low energy consumption, high yield and easy to operate.

Product introduction of dry garlic peeling machine:

We have a professional team and many years of superb technical experience. We have developed a commercial garlic peeler machine that can peel garlic quickly and cleanly. Our automatic garlic peeler is composed of four parts: main machine, connecting pipe, storage tank and air compressor, and the work flow is fully automated. This machine is a dry garlic peeling machine, suitable for peeling dry garlic, so that the peeling rate reaches the highest. In addition, air compressed air flow is used to realize the peeling of garlic, which can ensure no damage and pollution to the peeled garlic.

garlic peeling machine manufacture

How is peeled garlic processed:

The automatic garlic peeler allows garlic to enter the peeling bin through a chain drive. When passing through the peeling bin, the garlic peels are separated by air compressed air flow, and the peeling is uninterrupted while traveling. During the whole peeling process, garlic is completely in a closed environment and peeled without hardness friction to ensure the integrity, freshness and pollution-free of the processed product.

Precautions for commercial garlic peeler machine:

The commercial garlic peeler machine requires that the garlic surface should be kept dry, and the garlic taken out of the cold storage should be properly aired before peeling to remove the surface moisture to improve the peeling rate of garlic. It is best to clean the roots of the garlic when feeding, to avoid collisions between the roots of the garlic and damage the surface of the peeled garlic. When feeding, try to clean up impurities such as garlic peel and garlic stem, which will affect the peeling efficiency.


Garlic Machines Features

1. The dry garlic peeling machine is a product developed by a professional team and technical experience with long service life and low failure rate.

2. The automatic garlic peeler is made of stainless steel, which is not afraid of garlic oil corrosion, and is non-toxic and non-polluting to materials.

3. The use of gas peeling will not damage the surface of garlic, and it is beneficial to storage after peeling.

4. The continuous garlic peeling machine makes the peeling rate high, high yield and high efficiency, and save time.

5. The operation is in a closed environment, which can maintain the freshness of garlic without polluting the garlic.

6. The automatic garlic peeler is easy to operate, equipped with an automatic adjustment switch, and the material is smooth and easy to clean.

7. This commercial garlic peeler machine can be customized according to your production needs.

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